The grass really is greener with the Castle Mortgage Network! Supercharge your career TODAY!

Whether you are already in the mortgage industry, in a related field like Life Insurance or just want to join a rapidly growing company. You owe it to yourself to learn why The Castle Mortgage Group is the largest most successful Mortgage Brokerage in Manitoba and how you can be a part of it too!


  • Add Mortgages to your Life Insurance business and get referrals from both ends while getting FULL commissions too? Not to mention you may want to move your life insurance business under us and get the best of both worlds?
  • Move from being a bank mobile mortgage specialist and double your income!
  • With a brokerage already? Not getting the training or support you need and struggling with underwriting?
  • Completely new to the industry but want to go down a lucrative and rewarding career path?


  • We have a fully dedicated team who not only does ALL the underwriting for you but also does all the document collection on your behalf.
  • Tired of saying no? Our funding ratio with lenders is one of the very highest in Canada. We can say yes when most banks, credit unions and even other brokerages will say no.
  • Because we do more than half the work you can spend more time with your clients or spend more time finding new ones instead of being bogged down with paperwork.
  • We have a REAL training and support team (Local) and the infrastructure that delivers what you need to succeed.
  • We have a huge range of A&B lenders allowing for your customers to have the choice to truly receive the right mortgage for them.
  • Due our volume and funding ratios our lender commission levels are among the highest in Canada.
  • Oh yeah… AND we pay YOU high commissions on everything including full volume bonus.