Fully Qualified Broker

(Typically an Experienced Independent Mortgage Broker with 4+ years full time experience and with significant provable volume)


We Have The Answers:

At Castle Mortgage Network (CMN) we have identified what holds most mortgage brokers back from reaching their individual potential. That is having to keep up on all of the industry changes, lender regulations, insurer regulations, Governmental changes and collecting the correct documentation from your clients. These “underwriting” and “document collection” stages are what takes most mortgage agents away from finding new clients and opportunities and ultimately limits their production or income potential.

With our proprietary underwriting and document fulfillment teams, we ultimately take that concern away and let you focus on the more important task of interacting with your clients, finding new clients and business opportunities and the many sales functions necessary to maintain a successful mortgage business. Plugging into the CMN will ensure that your days are filled with focusing on selling your services instead of dealing with the day-to-day communication between lender, funder, insurer, lawyer and client making you more profitable on each mortgage.

The Castle Mortgage Network (CMN) will provide you with initial training to help you navigate the CAAMP (The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals) accreditation course to successfully achieve licensing here in Manitoba. Once licensed, CMN will then provide you with the most solid foundational sales, business and mortgage training available anywhere in Canada to ensure your long term success. Our underwriting and support technology will allow you to focus on the vital task of working ON your business and not IN your business – giving you the time to develop your client and referral source relationships while we take care of the paperwork side of the business to ensure that your clients receive the best possible experience available in the mortgage broker industry. Castle’s commitment to you is supporting your business to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date and industry-leading information and training available in the mortgage business.

Just some of our Lenders:

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Sky-Rocket Your Career NOW!

Spend more time building your Client and Referral network and less on the paperwork!

We DO ALL the Underwriting which makes sure you benefit from the latest information and speed of submission of your Customer’s Mortgage Application.  We make it EASY for You – leaving you more time to Find More Customers!

Not to Mention our superior In-House Support Team…

Professionals with Years of Expertise as: Underwriters, Lenders, Real Estate Lawyers, Home and Life Insurance Providers – All the Support you need to make your Job Easier so you can concentrate on your Customers!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I….

  • spending more time than necessary with paperwork related to underwriting?
  • getting enough (or any) true support?
  • paying for an expensive assistant that helps with paperwork rather than sales?
  • keeping up with the changes in the industry?
  • able to access ALL of the key lenders?
  • tired of losing the rate game?
  • getting a high commission split but a low success rate?
  • at a HIGH commission split but have a LOW close ratio?
  • in need of better and more timely access to in-house services like legal, home appraisals and home insurance?
  • in need of more or at least some product “update” training and best practice sales “update” training than I am currently receiving?
  • paying for a desk in an office that I really don’t need?
  • wanting to work less and make just as much?
  • wanting to work the same amount but earn more by spending more of my time building my clientele?
  • working with an innovative and growing industry leader?

Explore our FAQ page for more more details!

The PLAN Basics:

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The PROCESS Basics:

  • Contact CMN to discuss your goals and review our programs
  • Review Contract details and get answers to your questions
  • Complete sign up paperwork requirements
  • Take part in our initial Orientation and Mortgage Broker Sales Training Course. (Click for a sample agenda)
  • Transfer or obtain license as applicable
  • You are now a CMN Mortgage Broker with all our support behind you
  • Get SELLING !
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In the Industry:

” I love working with Castle. I feel very confident that my clients are so well taken care of.. They are very thorough and I know when she has pre-approved them, they can shop for a house and close hassle free. “
Denise, Real Estate Agent

Our Brokers:

“As an entrepreneur, investor, and marketer, I researched the mortgage career opportunity for nearly 8 months which included interviews with 3 banks and 5 mortgage brokerage firms, along with several people in different walks of life who had positive referrals to the Castle Mortgage Group.
The Castle Mortgage group is in a tremendous growth mode that you can see and feel. Once I joined the team, I knew that this company is an industry game changer that will take me far in life and will be proud to be a part of.
This is the place where I know I can be in business for myself, but never by myself.”
Tim H. Yuen, Broker

Our Clients:

“Just wanted to touch base and thank you for your help with our mortgage. You and Castle Mortgage have been great to deal with. I have and will continue to recommend your services..”
“We found the rates at Castle were the best and the customer service was also amazing.All their staff is very friendly and they want to make sure you receive the best service possible. Any time a friend of ours is looking for a mortgage, Castle Mortgage is the first (and only) place we recommend.”
Michele K.